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Credit Application
Credit Policy & Application

Oxford Lumber's Credit Policy is as follows:


  • All open accounts are 30 day accounts.


  • All accounts must have a completed, up-to-date signed credit application on file. (Up-to-date = no more than 5 years old)


  • Books are closed on the 25th of each month. Payments are due on the 10th day of the following month.


  • Accounts that are paid in advance or within 15 days from purchase will receive a 2% discount.


  • Interest will be charged on all accounts with past due balances over 31 days.


  • Any and all accounts with balances in the 90 day column will be suspended and become a cash account with no charges allowed until the 90 day column is cleared.


  • In order to open a new account for a house job, major remodel, or large project, the following information is needed: Name of owner of property, legal address of property, name of lending institution, branch and loan officer. A letter of intent to furnish will be sent to the owner of the property and the lending institution.


  • Any builder or customer account that is 90 days past due is subject to have a lien attached to the property where the material was used.


  • Annual rate of interest on past due accounts is 18%.


  • Any and all fees charged to Oxford Lumber for collection of a customer’s bill will be charged back to the customer’s total balance.


  • Any payments on a builder’s open account made by credit card will incur a 3% credit card surcharge as allowed by law.


  • When an account is opened, a credit limit will be attached to the account based on the customers past credit history, current assets, and scope of the project. When the credit limit is reached, the account will be suspended.

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