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Lumber & Engineered Wood

Oxford Lumber is the area’s leader in quality engineered wood products and hangers. We stock the Louisiana Pacific Solid Start I-Joist floor system which is versatile, uniform, and stable with a limited lifetime warranty. Installation is quicker and labor costs are less, plus you get a sturdy, stable floor. We also stock Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and in several sizes and can cut it to length for your job.

Oxford Lumber is Northeast Alabama’s best source for high quality lumber and plywood. We offer a full line of products for your project.

Our buyers work hard to buy from industry leading mills known for quality and consistency.

Stock items include:

  • Southern pine framing lumber

  • High-quality western spruce

  • Western red cedar

  • Premium pressure treated pine

  • CDX plywood

  • OSB

  • Finish exterior grade plywood

  • Cabinet grade birch plywood

  • Tile backer

  • MDF plywood

  • Tongue and grove subfloor

  • Engineered plywood for use with our engineered floor systems

  • Spruce trim boards

  • Pressure treated pine boards

  • Patterned boards: Pine v-joint, pine beading ceiling, pine 105 lap siding, cedar V-joint, cedar beveled siding, and cedar trim boards 

  • Western spruce 2x6 and 2x8 in long lengths – 20‘ up to 32’ long


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CLICK HERE to get a price quote, item availability, additional product information, or help determining the amount of materials needed for a project.

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