Roof Damage & Repair

Does your roof look like this??

Recently we had some pretty bad storms come through. Were you a victim of the hail and wind damage?

Check out these pictures we got from Jacksonville, Talladega, and Hokes Bluff!!

Now to tell if you have damage, look at your roof from the ground and see if you can see any discoloration or holes. Also, check your gutters and drains and look to see if there's any of the small asphalt particles. If you're missing shingles, that's a tale tell sign of wind damage.

First thing you should do is call your insurance company to start a claim.

Second thing to do is call Don (256-453-8067) or Merle (256-591-6279) to put you in touch with a licensed contractor that can help repair your roof. We will ensure that you have quality products provided!

Please call Don or Merle if you have any questions or concerns about your roofs, or any other issue!

This is what it should look like!

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