Oregon Grown & Winter Hawk Grass Seed

December 28, 2016




Oregon-Grown Rye grass (Oxford location)















Preferred by Livestock and Farm Producers

.Annual rye grass and perennial rye grass produce highly digestible and palatable forage


Create an Environment For Everybody

Grass lawns are aesthetically pleasing, naturally calming and offer many environmental benefits.


A Deep Rooting Winter Cover Crop

Annual rye grass is a vigorous cool season grass with extensive root system for over seeding.


50 lb bag for only $29.99



Winter Hawk Annual Rye Grass (Oxford location)


Winter hawk's astounding winter-hardiness has been display in research plots throughout the corn belt for over 10 years. You can be assured that this rye grass is a consistent, reliable product with only this cultivar in the package. 

Annual rye grass claim to fame is derived from it expansive rooting ability. With this dense rooting system it possess excellent nutrient scavenging abilities, especially in terms of reducing N leaching. Rapid forage growth in the spring can grow 2-4 ft and provide highly palatable forage, utilized for hay or grazing. 


50 lb bag for only $37.99
















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